Mindful Mums

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Mindful Mums provides psychological and emotional support for mothers.

Through Mindful Mums programs, new and expecting mums can learn mindfulness techniques and deepen self-understanding for a more mindful mothering experience.

Mindful awareness is a skill in which we are able to be present in our experiences; non-judgmentally, curiously and compassionately. From this mindful awareness, of ourselves and others, we can react consciously to make better choices which are in line with who we want to be as mothers.
Most new mothers have great expectations about what it will be like to be a mum; more often than not, their experience is at odds with what was anticipated. There is now a large body of evidence indicating that the development of mindfulness skills contributes to increased positive emotion, decreased negative emotion such as depression and anxiety, healthy stress management, relationship skills and improved emotional regulation.
The Mindful Mums' programs combine mindfulness ideas and psychological skills in specifically developed programs to help mothers have a more pleasurable and enriching mothering experience: from pregnancy, through birth and beyond. ​Mindful Mums' programs can enhance the mother’s sense of contentment, reduce stress, and increase their ability to respond to their baby's needs.

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