Best Electricity Suppliers in Singapore

best electricity supplier

As you transition into your early to mid-20s you somehow become an adult, and that often means it’s on you to keep the lights on now. In Singapore, it’s no different, especially now after the 1st of May of 2019, when Singaporeans were allowed to pick from over 12 electricity providers such as SP services, Keppel Electric and Sembcrop among others to provide them with the electricity.


Each provider has at least two different packages for different needs for different periods of time, ranging from 6 months to 3 years. All claim to be the best, to have the lowest prices, and that is true, depending on your needs, the number of people you have living with you and the general amount of electricity that your household uses. But one stands out for the rest, one electricity provider is able to meet your needs and expectations no matter where you are on the spectrum electricity usage, you are definitely getting the best deal when you choose Senoko Energy as they are a reliable electricity retailer in Singapore.


Senoko Energy is a homegrown company that has been operating since 1977 in Singapore, so you can always trust that they know what they are doing. It is the largest energy generator in Singapore, having played a large role in powering the nation throughout its developing years. Now, they have expanded and evolved into other markets, such as natural gas, tank leasing, terminal service, and most importantly having advanced energy solutions that will enable them to combat climate change on a larger scale.


They have fixed-rate plans over two years at a reasonable price of $17.98/kWh for clean and high-quality energy. Monitor usage and pay bills through their mobile app, everything is made simple with Senoko. Their referral program offers both you and your friend $30 off your bill when you switch to Senoko. There also several rebate options to choose from, among them are credit card, sign-up, and monthly card rebates, this makes Senoko a great value for money provider when it comes to electricity.



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